Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  I have a few simple questions for you today.  Are you growing spiritually?  Are you a more devoted and loving follower of Jesus Christ today than you were a year ago, or even last week?


Have you grown in your knowledge of the Bible over this time?  You cannot really grow as a devoted follower of Christ if you are not growing in your knowledge and love of His word.


Are you currently memorizing any verses of Scripture, even if it is just one?  Part of our growth comes as we commit to certain disciplines that help us to transform our mind toward the Lord.


As your friend and Pastor, I desire for us to all be growing and maturing spiritually in our walk with the Lord Jesus and in our love for each other.  The world and our community needs us to be strong and healthy.  In addition, they need us to shine the Light of Jesus into the darkness to help lead the way to the Abundant Life in Jesus Christ.


I pray that we will be found faithful.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale