Pastor’s Note

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Good morning and Welcome to Church!  I hope that you are enjoying our new sermon series as we begin to study through the Gospel of John.  I have already found it to be encouraging to me in my spiritual walk and discipline, and I have heard from many others that the study is also having great influence in their life.  I praise our Father in heaven for that.

If you have been attending Church here for very long at all, then you have probably heard me preach and teach on the thought that we are probably not a “Christian nation.”  Only people can choose to follow Christ and be Christians.  There may have been a time when the majority of people in our nation were Christians and their influence was great on society so it made people begin to use that terminology, a “Christian nation.”  However, those times are probably long gone.  I have talked about that matter for quite some time now.

Why do I mention it?  It is because our study through the Gospel of John teaches us how people who are truly committed to the true Gospel message can affect and radically change their culture.  The Christian message was new at that time, it was radical, and the people who accepted that message and became disciples must have been showing the world something radically different.

This is a message that we can embrace and understand.  It only takes about 12 people following the King of the World to change the world!  If we will be about our purpose of shining the light and love of Jesus Christ into this world, and living out the truths of Christ before them, then we have to believe that our world will be changed.

Let’s take it upon ourselves, individually, to be committed to making sure that when people see us, it will cause them to re-evaluate what they think of Christians and the local church.  Let’s make people hungry for the life that we have in Christ!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale