Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  Happy New Year!  I am excited about 2018 and I have been praying that our Father will continue to bless us as we continually strive to be people who are committed to the high calling and commission of our Father.  I pray that we will not only know more about Jesus this year, but more importantly, that we will strive to be more like Jesus this year in the way we act, speak, serve, and love ourselves and others.

Starting today and for the coming months, I am going to endeavor to preach through the Gospel of John.  It is a powerful book that is full of the powerful message of Jesus Christ.

There are many different emphases and themes that we are going to see in the Gospel of John, but one that I would like to bring your attention, is the many times that we are going to see the emphasis upon Jesus being the LIGHT and the LIFE.

Those are words that are filled with nuance and also filled with direct teaching.  Jesus Christ is the LIGHT of the world; without Him there is darkness.  That is a simple and straightforward teaching that is also extremely complex and true beyond full understanding.  Jesus Christ is also LIFE; without Him there is death.  There is no LIGHT or LIFE in the world without Jesus Christ.  Conversely, without Jesus in the world there is only darkness and death.

Do you notice the stark contrast between those?  Do you see the nuanced point?  You cannot be a little of either.  You either are, or you aren’t.  You can’t have a little light.  There is either light or darkness.  You also can’t be a little alive.  You are either alive or dead.  We are going to see how much the Spiritual world replicates the truths that we see evident in the physical world.

Let me encourage you to start reading the book of John.  I think that you will find it helpful in your growth to study through the book on your own while we study through it together.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale