Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  The note below is the same note that I ran last week because I want to make sure that everyone has the chance to read about and be encouraged by the incredible work that we do globally.  Have you and your family given to the Lottie Moon Offering this year?

The Southern Baptist Convention of Churches was created in 1845 and one of its first acts was to form the Foreign Mission Board (which is now called the International Mission Board or IMB) to reach the World for Christ. William Bullein Johnson, the first President of the Southern Baptist Convention said that the purpose of the Foreign Mission Board was “…for the purpose of organizing an efficient and practical plan, on which the energies of the whole Baptist denomination, throughout America, may be elicited, combined and directed in one sacred effort for sending the word of life to idolatrous lands….”

I am proud that we at FBC Monroe choose to partner with so many other Churches who share our faith and beliefs and calling to reach our world for the cause of Christ.  Today, we are partnered with 46,000+ Churches worldwide with like faith and calling, focused together in one sacred effort to fulfill the great commission throughout the world.

Our annual Lottie Moon Christmas offering is a special offering that we choose to take each year and every dollar that is given goes directly to support our massive force of missionaries worldwide.  This special offering is in addition to the generous support that our Church already gives as part of our missions giving throughout the year.  Our collective goal for Lottie Moon this year as partnering Churches is $160 million dollars and by God’s grace we will meet and exceed this goal worldwide.  It is estimated that it takes about $58,200 to support a missionary and their family and we should consider it a true privilege and honor that we are blessed to be able to support people who will give up everything for the calling of Christ.

Our own FBC Missions Team has challenged us all to give.  Their challenge to us is very prayerful and specific and that is that Everybody would prayerfully give something, even if it challenges us to give up something.  I pray that many of you will give generously above and beyond your normal tithe and offering, and, that our Church and our people will continue to be a great beacon of hope and dedication to the Great Commission and calling of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  May we always lead by example.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale