Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  Each year, our church has two very specific mission giving opportunities that we pray earnestly about and that I strongly and prayerfully encourage our people here at FBC to participate in through giving.

First, every Easter we participate in the Annie Armstrong Missions Offering to support our thousands of missionaries and church plants in North America.  Then, at Christmas time, we participate in our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to support our thousands of International missionaries.  Both Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon were women of incredible courage and conviction who served the Lord Jesus tirelessly as missionaries and pushed churches to continually get behind and support missions work “to all the world.”  We are indebted to people like them who constantly remind us of the “Great Commission.”

Now, as a reminder to us, our church already gives incredibly generously to missions work.  As a church we choose to participate with the Southern Baptist Convention with other local churches.  The region that we are part of is called the Northwest Baptist Convention (NWBC) and we are partnered with 500+ other churches in WA, OR, and ID who share the same heart and mission as we do.  Last year, of the 500 Churches, we were 14th in giving to the cooperative program with giving in the amount of $32,000+.  I am incredibly proud of our Church because we are part of living out the “Great Commission.”

So, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is here.  We will be receiving this offering every week up through Christmas.  Last year we brought in just over $10,000 and every penny of that goes directly to support OUR International Missionaries.  Our Missions team has given us a different challenge this year.  It is not a challenge of an amount to meet.  It is a challenge to see that EVERYONE participates, even our kids.  What are some ways you can challenge yourself and your family to be a participant this year?  I pray that many of you will be able to give generously through a special offering above and beyond your tithe.  But, I also pray that you will think about ways that you can challenge some kind of “change” (no pun intended!) in your life, so that you can bring the “change” to support God’s Work.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale