Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you are getting ready to start looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.

Here at church, your Christmas Elves (office staff and ministry teams!!) have been planning our Christmas campaign for the past few months and we are excited for you to see everything that we have planned for the month of December.

  • Our main theme or emphasis this year for Christmas is the joy of giving through the whole month and not just on Christmas Day.  We would like to encourage everyone to celebrate the joy of Christ and giving every day in December and we will be encouraging that idea each Sunday.
  • Our Community Giving Trees will be up for the next few Sundays.  Please be part of the blessing of giving and grab a tag, wrap your present and return it no later than December 10th (with the tag attached).  Our church is excited to bless 10 families from our community this year!
  • Each year we take up our special Lottie Moon Christmas offering to support all of our 5,000+ international missionaries.  Last year you gave generously and we brought in almost $10,000.  This year our Missions team has set a very unique goal for us and it is not a dollar amount to be reached, but their goal for us is that every person will participate and give to support our missionaries.
  • Christmas Eve day is on Sunday this year and we will, of course, be having church that Sunday morning.  So, technically, we are having a Christmas Eve day service but it will be a Christmas Eve morning service and not a Christmas Eve evening Service.

It is going to be a joyful and fabulous time around FBC in December.  We will celebrate the joy of giving and worshiping together.  We will celebrate Jesus and the life and grace that He gives to us.  And we will thank our Father for His blessings every day.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale