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Church office will be closing at noon on Wednesday and will be closed all day on Thursday and Friday in observance of Thanksgiving.

  • From all of your church staff to all of you we would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. We pray you are with loved ones, safe, warm and thankful for all He has done.
  • This Sunday Sermon Topic “The House that Jesus Built” Titus 2:11-14


FBC is excited to highlight our 3rd annual Taproot Theatre performance “The Gift of the Magi” live on Saturday, December 16th. Show day admission will be ON A FIRST COME FIRST SEATED BASIS. Doors open at 7:00pm come enjoy dessert and coffee from 7:00-7:25pm. Show begins promptly at 7:30pm (no admittance after 7:25pm). This is a FREE event, so be sure to invite your friends, family and neighbors. Childcare will be provided for those in first grade and below. We will have fun door prize drawings as well so don’t miss this year’s Christmas show! We are in need of bakery items for the show, if you can donate please let Kelly know. Thank you! 21 that is our new goal. We have


21 spots to fill before December 10th. Be sure to find Tracy or Kelly in the hallway this Sunday to grab your spots before they are gone. Here at FBC we have identified that we cannot do effective ministry if we do not care for and minister to the children of the families who come. We call that ministry our Core Responsibilities because we have agreed that caring for and ministering to the children is a CORE responsibility that every participating and able-bodied member of FBC should take part in. It is a shared ministry. There are some people who are more “gifted” to minister to children. That is a given. However, the responsibility of raising up disciples of our children does not fall to them. There is no real “biblical” calling to minister to kids. I would suggest that it is a responsibility and a matter of stewardship of our life and skills. It is our hope and our goal, to see every able-bodied Christian at FBC take at least 6 turns over the coming 40 weeks to sign up and help with Core Responsibilities. However, obviously, we hope that many will be able to and want to give more. However, it is my honest prayer that everyone will give some, to help us continue to reach our world for Christ.


Our new trimester of classes will begin on Sunday, December 10th. Here are the 7 classes being offered:

  • The Word Implanted with Wilson Dreewes—What if you could know the bible without verses? What if you knew more than a verse but an entire book in all of its context? This engaging group study is intent on learning scripture and memorization focusing on the five chapters of the book of James. Learn the benefits of and techniques to successfully hide the word of God in your heart.
  • Freedom for Mothers with Gini Sorgen-This video series class, based on John 15, will take a journey into God’s Word to discover the fullness and freedom you can experience as a woman and as a mother. You will find your “love bucket”, recognize common mothering traps, and deal decisively with self-defeating habits.
  • Bible Study Methods with Tracy Green-This easy to understand 12 week session will give you multiple methods for effectively exploring God’s Word for personal studies or leading groups. We will also cover effective ways to use inexpensive Bible Tools for computers and mobile devices.
  • Finding Grace in the Midst of Brokenness with Eric Freeman-Difficult times of grief and sorrow will make you feel like finding peace is a constant struggle. This class is designed to fuel discussions, share, and search the Scriptures to find healing and peace, that will draw you closer to God.
  • The Parent Trap with Christian Carpenter-Parents of middle school and high school youth struggle with the burden of raising their kids in Christ and can often feel unprepared, isolated, and tired. Unlike most parenting classes, this class is focused on meeting your needs as parents by creating supportive connections with other youth parents and offering reassurance for raising your kids in Christ. The class provides an opportunity for you to network with other parents, receive wisdom from parents that have successfully transitioned their children from youth to adults, and most importantly hear what the Bible has to say about your role as a parent and topics relevant to training youth in Christ.
  • Love and Respect with Rick and Kim Ray-What is Love and Respect? These two words surface in social research and the bible (Ephesians 5:33) as the two key ingredients for a successful marriage. We believe love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man. Research reveals that during marital conflict a husband most often reacts when feeling disrespected and a wife reacts when feeling unloved.
  • Share Jesus without Fear with Mike Brady-How many times have you wanted to share your faith but didn’t because you were afraid of failing? Success is not the result of brining someone to Christ. Success in witnessing is living the Christian life daily, sharing the gospel, and trusting God for the results. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations is done by looking for where the Holy Spirit is at work and being prepared to come alongside. Sharing Jesus Without Fear prepares us for those moments.

We are asking for everyone interested to please sign up for the class of their choice. Sign up at our website www.fbcmonroe.org


Anybody want to make Christmas treats? Come join other adventurers Saturday, December 9 at 9 AM in the church kitchen. We will make a selection of Christmas cookies and treats to take home. What’s your favorite flavor – chocolate (vitamin C), gingerbread, mint, raspberry, peanut butter, or ???? Please let me know if you are planning to come so I can make sure to have enough supplies on hand! There is a $5 fee per person to cover the cost of the supplies. If you have food allergies (dairy, egg, gluten, nuts, etc.), PLEASE let me know and we will see what we can make that suits! I have lots of recipes and experience with food allergies – let’s get creative! Carol Hurley RSVP to 360-793-2942 or squirrelys@juno.com (mailto:squirrelys@juno.com)


JOY Club Potluck Lunch with “Wacky White Elephant” gift exchange. So besides your favorite potluck item to share, please bring something fun and usable from home, wrapped up to participate in the fun and join us on Friday, December 1st.


8am Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship here on Saturday, December 2nd join us!


Thank you to everyone that was able to grab a tag from our giving trees this past Sunday. With over 100 gifts represented on the trees there are still plenty to grab. Also, let me encourage you if you find a gift that is out of budget maybe team up with another church family and go in on the present together? Or maybe your small group would like to get a gift together? Maybe your extended family would like to start a new tradition of blessing a family with a present as a group? However you decide to bless one of our community families this year will be appreciated. Please bring back your wrapped gift no later than Sunday, December 10th with the tag attached. Thank you!


Mark your calendars and be sure to join us for our Christmas Eve morning Worship Service. We will enjoy a special service of Biblical preaching, contemporary worship, and a heartwarming kid’s choir.


Merry Christmas from FBC Monroe! We hope your PreK-5th grader can participate in our Christmas Kids Choir during our morning service on Christmas Eve December 24th – 10:30am We have four rehearsals during our 10:30am worship service on November 26 – December 3 – December 10 – December 17 Even if your child can make it to only one rehearsal, she can participate! Even if he can’t perform with us on Christmas Eve, he can enjoy the rehearsals! Even if she can’t come to a single rehearsal or performance, please take a CD as our gift! The more your child hears and practices these songs, the more he will enjoy himself during the rehearsals and performance. Please find CDs of the songs at the welcome desk, and videos of hand motions at http://tinyurl.com/fbckids. (http://tinyurl.com/fbckids.) Rehearsals start now!