Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning Church!


I really had an amazing week, but it came with the rediscovery of a fact that remains very humbling in my life:  I seriously lack many of the skills I want to have as a Christian and as a Pastor.


I’m not even talking about the type of skills that you can go learn! God knows I have read many books and my training in ministry has been both formal and informal but it never seems to solve the real problem:  Me.


I did wonder this week why I meditate so much on my own weaknesses when God doesn’t do this to me.  When He sees my life, He sees the work of Christ.


Now why am I telling you this, and how can it help you?  We see God’s greatness explained in the Scriptures over and over when God is at work in His people despite their weaknesses.  Could it be that God is glorified in your weakness, in your insecurity, in your unique you-ness?


This morning we’re going to be taking a look at a man in the Scriptures whose greatest attribute was that he desired to be used by God, and he wasted no opportunity that God gave him…even when his motivations seemed self-serving.  This morning we’re going to learn the power of “Showing Up.”


I hope you’re able to recharge this morning after a long week.


Much love to all of you!