Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and welcome to Church!  Thank you for making the decision to be at Church today.  Let us pray and believe together that our Father has intentionally called us all to be together here today to worship Him corporately and to encourage and lift up each other.

In as much as we hope and pray that our Father will minister to us, let us also pray that we will be just as diligent to have our eyes open this morning so we can minister to others.  1 John 4:19 says that “we love because He first loved us.”  The Church is a mission field of people in need so let us come every day as missionaries looking for people to love and minister to.

This morning is our monthly “First Fruits” celebration where we have the joy and privilege as believers to bring our tithes and offerings and needs to our Father, and where we get to participate together as the Body of Christ in the taking of the Lord’s Supper together.  It is one of the most special things that we get to do as believers when we partake together as a family’s remembering what the Lord Jesus has done for us and also what He will do for us when He comes.Â

Please pray now and ask God to prepare and cleanse your heart.  Repent now and turn from any sin that has you in bondage and ask God for forgiveness; then know that you are forgiven.  Ask your Father to reveal to you through the Holy Spirit the things that He wants you to know this morning, and then thank God for letting us live in a place where we can worship freely and openly.  I pray that we will worship well today in obedience and in Spirit and Truth.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale