Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  Thank you for being at Church this morning.  This is a very special day for us because this is the kick-off of our Fall Church Schedule of classes and all kinds of other important ministries here at FBC.

One of the things that we have been talking about here at Church over the past few weeks and months is the simple idea that we believe that a commitment to weekly Church attendance makes families stronger.  We believe that.  It is not a “super pill” that you take once and it cures every ailment that you have!  But, we do believe that a commitment to Church does make families stronger.  And, in this world that we now live in, we are convinced that families are struggling and our society and our culture is reflecting those struggles.

We believe in the Church, the Body of Christ, and we believe that God uses the gathering of His people together in the Church to be the greatest force for good in this world.  For quite a while now in our culture, there has been a push by Churches to become more relevant and inviting to people to help meet their needs.  And, while we are all for the importance of that, I would like to suggest that times and culture are changing.  By all indications, we do not live in a “Christian nation or culture” any longer.  Our push to have a church that exists to serve and meet the needs of Christians must change.  We must begin to see the Church as a mission field and when we come here, we must come on mission.

Our culture has changed drastically and there are a lot of people looking for answers.  In our culture, one of the last things that we have going for us is that people still generally believe that the church is where they can find love and answers.  So, I am calling upon us all here at FBC to take that great challenge and make it part of our lives. Let’s see that we have been called to serve, that our world has changed, and that we must also change if we want to be part of the Great Commission.  The Church is the most powerful organization in all the world when it is filled with Spirit-led and Spirit-filled Christian people who come to serve, and not be served.  Our best days are right ahead of us!!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale