Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church! How will you be changed today? What will you choose to do differently as a result of being at Church today?

I was talking with a friend earlier this week about some spiritual troubles he was having.  As we talked it became apparent to me, that he really seemed to be doing OK spiritually, but he was feeling like he was lost and wandering a little bit.  There didn’t seem to be any great unconfessed sin in his life.  It seemed like he had just lost his way a little bit on his journey.

Years ago in a time when I was also finding my way, a friend had shared this funny analogy with me, so I shared it with him.  And, I’ll share it with you.

Here you go:  A lot of people’s Spiritual life and walk with Christ is like a car with flat tires.  It has tires, but it just can’t really go anywhere because the tires are flat. Now, here are a few things that we need to remember.  Even though those 4 tires are flat, they still have air in them.  That’s like your spiritual walk.  Your desire to want to walk closer with God is revealed just by your “want” to be closer to Him.  When you do the things of God like loving your neighbor or just coming to Church, you are revealing that you still have a lot of air in those tires!  You’re just not as full as you need to be, to really get the best gas mileage and usage out of this car called life.

Now, here is a critical point.  Who is going to fill those tires to maximum pressure?  In this silly analogy the Holy Spirit of God is like the air hose or pump.  It is sitting right there full of air!  Who is going to take that hose and put it to those tires and fill up those tires of yours?  Well, a lot of people are waiting for God to not only be the air, but to also be the one that makes the tires fill up.  But, I would submit to you that you hold that opportunity in your hand.  Will you choose, today, to fill yourself up by inviting the Holy Spirit into your life so that you will be changed?  You are here for a reason today.  Not just to learn or to show your presence, but to be changed; to be filled up.  But you have to make the choice to change.  You can keep running flat, or you can fill up and get that car back riding smooth!  How will you be changed today?


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale