C.O.G Classes

Kelly McLeanEvents

Join us beginning Sunday, September 10th at 9:15am as we begin our Sunday Morning C.O.G classes for all ages!

Children’s C.O.G. Classes: Director Laura A.

Nursery Ages 0-2 yrs old Teacher:  Various volunteers

Preschool ages 3-PreK Teacher: Christina S.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade in the Gospel Project with:  Sarah M.

3rd-5th Grade in the Gospel Project with :  Amber G.


Youth C.O.G. Classes:  Director Bethany P.

Middle School (6-8th grade) Learning from Exodus and Hebrews Teachers: Bethany P. and Alyce D.

High School (9th-12th grade) Learning form the book of Revelations Teachers:  Eric P. and Daniel V.

College Teachers:  Robert S., Joe S.


Adult C.O.G. Classes

The Apostles’ Creed Teacher Pastor Tracy G.

What words would you use to describe your faith in Christ if you had never studied the Scriptures deeply or didn’t even know how to read?  This 12 week class will use video and class discussion to rediscover the Biblical roots in a creed recited by the earliest Christians to declare their faith, even in the face of death.


The Working Class Teacher Christian C.

The average worker spends more time working than doing any other activity. Even more than sleeping. In this class, we will explore the leadership characteristics of God/Jesus and discover how to become better leaders by following that example. We will discuss deep leadership concepts from prominent secular authors and see how they have discovered what the Bible already teaches and how to apply these ideas at work, and at home. Finally, through sharing our personal experiences at work, we will develop fellowship with one another and discover that we are not alone in our struggles and that when we come together we can overcome the world.

Wisdom for Mothers Teacher Gini S.

12 week video based class that helps you understand what the Bible says about marriage and parenting.  We will work together through the priorities of a woman’s life, look at our relationships in order of importance and what makes those relationships work the way God’s designed them to function.  We will look at a woman’s relationship with God, her husband, her children and her work and ministry.  Workbook is $15

Song of Solomon: God’s best for love, marriage, sex and romance Teachers Rick & Kim R.

We all have passion and a yearning for intimacy.  God designed us this way.  Whether you are single or  married, how you handle your romantic relationships will change you-for better or for worse.  But God did not create these desires in us without also giving us the owner’s manual for relationships.  In fact, He gave us an entire book of the Bible which deals with all aspects of love, marriage, sex and romance. It’s called the Song of  Solomon.  This 12 week study will be filled with a video, looking at God’s Word, and great discussion.  Workbook is $9.00.

The Christian Survival Kit Teacher Mike B.

New believers class and a class for those wanting training in evangelism.  This class will give you godly tools to work with new believers outside of church.