Pastor’s Note

Tracy GreenPastor's Notes

Good morning church family!


Years ago when I started in church ministry, I was asked by a funeral home to officiate a service for a family that had no church.  I was nervous and hesitant about it because I had never done anything like that before. I did finally agree and I found that every gift God had given me seemed tailor made to this request.  It wasn’t long before they requested me on a regular basis and before long I was officiating several memorials and funerals a month.


I was recently going through a stack of Clergy Records from the different Funeral Homes that had requested help for families who had no regular pastor or a church home.  These records contained their names and a few vital facts about them, but I was shocked that I had very little memory of most of them.


All of this leads me to this Sunday Morning where I’m going to be continuing Pastor Dale’s series on getting control of different aspects of our life.  I’m going to tackle a big one:  Getting Control of your Legacy.


Will you be remembered?  If you will, then who is it that will remember you…and why?


Words can’t easily convey how fortunate I feel to be a part of this church and share my heart from God’s Word with all of you.  I hope this morning with your church family leaves you refreshed, strengthened, and a little challenged.


-Pastor Tracy