Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church!  What an AMAZING week we have had at VBS!  We praise God for His tremendous outpouring of love and grace upon us to accomplish the things that we did this week.  We are truly a blessed Church filled with people who are a blessing to all.  I just could not be more excited and overwhelmed by what our Church was able to accomplish this week.  Thank you.

When you asked me to come and be your Pastor in December of 2012, we had a lot of work ahead of us.  In addition, one of the very first things that we knew we had to do was to reach out and minister to children. As I have often said “Church without children is a Church that is dying.”   Therefore, we set our hearts and our minds together on a mission to minister to and love children. We prayed a lot and we began to make some important changes to try to help us achieve the mission God had given to us.

Here we are in 2017 and look at the Fruit of what our Father has produced and is producing through us! Please, please do not take these things that are happening for granted.  These kinds of blessings and excitement are not the norm.  For some reason, the Lord seems to be pouring out His favor upon us with a Church full of people who are willing to serve and to give and to love.  Our Father has gathered us together to fulfill His mission, together, and I believe that we are reaping the harvest from the hearts of God’s people who want to reach the world for Christ.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Pastor.  Thank you for being a Church that is willing to take risks to reach our world for Christ.  I pray that we will never, ever take the wonders of God for granted.  We are the Church, and we are Blessed beyond measure.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale