Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church! I would like to take a moment and “brag” about our Church. It is hard for me to express sometimes how overjoyed I am at the incredible work that I believe our Church does in our community for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Last week, on Thursday night, our Church hosted the National Day of Prayer. We had a very large crowd here and our Church was an amazing host for that event. We invited five other Pastors from the local area Bible believing, Churches to come and share the stage with us, in sharing our hope and prayers for our civic leaders; and we had countless other Church leaders here from other area Churches who came to be part of this event.

We were also blessed to have so many of our civic leaders in attendance with us. We shared from the Bible about God’s desires for our civic leaders, and for all Christians, and then we asked them to all come forward so that we could lay hands on them and pray for them.

It was a powerful and wonderful time to have so many Churches represented who came together to pray over our civic leaders. I really believe that it was a demonstration of God’s real plan as the Churches expressed their unity and power to bless and to offer guidance and hope for those in civic authority. I had so many people come up to me afterward and thank me and our Church for putting on such an incredible event again this year.

Then, this past Wednesday night, we hosted our 2016-2017 Awana Awards Night, and it was also an incredible event. So many families were here and so much joy and excitement filled the room. I think it’s one of those events that everyone should try to come and see to get a feel for the wonderful things that are happening through that ministry, where we minister to about 130 kids every Wednesday night during the school year.

Now, why is all this stuff possible? It’s because of the people who are serving and are making it happen. As we all know, these kinds of events don’t happen “magically.” There is a LOT of hard work and service, and there are MANY, MANY hours that are being poured in and given by SO MANY different people to make these events happen, and also just to keep the Church up and running and beautiful every single day.

I am honored and extremely humbled that my family and I get to go to Church and serve with all of you. To me, this is how Church is supposed to be. Thank you, Lord Jesus.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale