Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church! After the incredible celebration of the Resurrection that we had last Sunday, I have found myself thinking a lot this week about how thankful and grateful I am to so many people at this Church. Every follower of Christ has a gift and every follower of Christ has a ministry, and I praise God that there are SO MANY people at FBC who are using their incredible gifts for God’s glory. Your ministry makes my ministry to you, as your Pastor, such a joy.

Last Sunday was surely a special day here at Church. However, I think that it is important for us to remember that last week was not a picture of “what we could be.” No, last week was a celebration of what we have become as a Church. In my humble opinion, last week’s worship and celebration was only possible because there are so many people here who serve tirelessly and joyfully throughout every week, and on every Sunday.

What I mean is that we “till the soil” every week preparing it to produce the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. We fertilize the ground; we plant the seeds; we water the ground; we prune the branches; and we do all of that and more throughout every week. Then, when we do that consistently well, the Lord blesses us abundantly. Last week was a beautiful glimpse, outwardly, of what we have become inwardly; people who are worshipful and joyful.

There are many people around here doing a LOT of work. Thank you to those who minister to our kids. Thank you to those who minister to those in need. Thank you to those who use your gifts and your time to do the work around the Church that has to be done. Thank you to those who give. Thank you to those who serve. Thank you to those who go beyond themselves to love others. Thank you to everyone who is “tilling the soil” with me to make FBC a Church that our Father is pleased with.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale