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The Unfading Beauty of a Godly Woman” 1 Peter 3:1-6


  • Our directory photo sessions begin today and go through Sunday.  If you have an appointment please check in about 5 minutes before you scheduled appointment time and be ready to take your picture.  If you do not remember your time, please call the office.  Thank you!
  • This Sunday is our big OUTREACH day.  Please pray about whom you will be inviting to come on Sunday and be blessed by bringing in their utility bill.


Ladies! We are excited to announce the beginning a new prayer group that will meet weekly on Tuesdays beginning March 21 at 6:00 p.m. The focus of prayer will be women praying for men. Sandra Phillips will be leading this group. If you have questions contact Sandra at highrockmom@gmail.com or you can call her 360-600-5575.


Our ladies tea date has changed to May 20th.  More info to come.


This Sunday we began our third trimester of Discipleship classes at 9:15.  This is our last 12 weeks for this “school year.”  All of our kids/youth/college classes will continue to be just as awesome, and we have a few adult classes that will continue: Hidden Keys with Rick and Kim Ray and Discipleship 101 with Mike Brady.  Tracy and Pastor Dale are starting a new “class” called KYC.  Pastor Dale has always called “KYC” a family time because we come and share like a family.  We learn about our Church and we meet people and find things that interest us.


Have you heard that Islam may be one of the fastest growing religions in the world – do you wonder why? Are you interested in knowing more about the threat of Islamic extremism in America? Do you wish to discover some do’s and don’ts of sharing Christ with Muslims?  If so, come to the “Unveiling” on Mondays in the chapel from 6:30-8:00pm starting Monday, March 20th. Don York and Ron Bailey will be hosting a 12-session DVD series.


Small Group will meet at 215 ¾ West Main #205 the office of Mike Brady- Day and Time of our meeting to be set by the group.  We will have an open door policy and do welcome anyone wanting to join a small group.  Purpose of the Group: Growing into healthier Christians.  Vision for achieving that purpose is to study the five constitutional purposes for having a church.  Our first purpose we will study to see where we need to grow is Evangelism.  This is studying each of us as a group.  What are the areas where I need to grow.  We will study the other four purposes one at a time in relation to where do I as a Christian stand.  As we study, we will also ascertain   “What are my spiritual gifts?’ of each small group member.  My past study says that my gifts are the gift of helps and the gift of encouragement.  Please send anyone to me who may have an interest in seriously seeking to grow as a Christian.  I have material we will use and it is available to anyone who wants to consider this small group.


DID YOU KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE LINKED YOUR FRED MEYER REWARDS CARD TO US IN THE PAST THAT LINK EXPIRED LAST FALL?  If you have not re-linked FBC to your card, they are no longer giving a portion to us.

Have you taken the time to register, at no cost to you, to help FBC just by shopping?  Please consider registering with Amazon and Fred Meyer and they will donate a percentage of your shopping trip back to FBC:

For your Fred Meyer Rewards card, please go to https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4

Our nonprofit number to link to is 87008 it is that easy.  You will still earn your rewards just like before!

For your amazon orders please go to http://smile.amazon.com/ch/91-1275801 you will be linked directly with us.

Thank you