Miss Laura’s March News

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March is my favorite month, not only do I turn another year older, but we get to start our VIP Days. What is a VIP you may ask? It’s our Very Important Pre-Ker.  All day long your child will get to use the special pencil box that’s only for the VIP, their very own VIP name tag, they will get their very own VIP book, they get to bring in two show ‘n tells and much more. I will be sending home a white piece of construction paper home for your child to decorate it however they like! You can put family pictures, all about me information, anything about your child on it. The posters will be returned. The VIP schedule will be posted on the bulletin board next our snack calendar. (Read it HERE.)

For the month of March our themes are Dr. Seuss and Zoo. We will be learning the letters Y, P, Z, Q, and X. Our bible story is Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Gentleness is our focus for character development. Our country is the Netherlands.

We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday! Dr. Seuss wrote some amazing children books which we will be reading in class. If he was alive today he would be 113 years old!! So we will be celebrating by being silly ourselves! We will be reading many of his books in class and even tasting “green eggs and ham”.

March 1- wear stripes. Any shade and any color. The stripes will represent the hat of Cat in the Hat.

March 2- wear something backwards. Just like Thing 1 and 2 we will be backwards too.

March 7 – Wear your best hat. This can be silly, it can be fun, or it can be any kind of hat.

March 8- Crazy/silly hair. Like most of us and Dr. Seuss character we love being silly.


Love, Miss Laura