Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church! I would like to thank everyone who was able to come out for the Quarterly Business meeting this past Sunday evening. We had many people in attendance and it made for a great night as we talked about our hopes, dreams, and plans for the future. I had been praying very hard that the Lord would lead and guide our discussion, and by the power of His Holy Spirit I believe that He did just exactly that within each of us there. I am extremely thankful for the Spirit of joy, peace, and excitement that filled that room. Will you please continue to pray along with me that our Father will guide our steps during this wonderful time.

I believe with all of my heart that God is in the midst of doing something special, again, at our Church. When we came into this year, I talked about this being the beginning of my 5th year as your Pastor and how critical this year could be in the life of our Church. Either we would begin to become complacent with what we had done, or we could become contagious with the hope of what can be done. I believe that we are choosing to become contagious with hope for this year and the years to come.

We are a different “church” than we were 4 years ago. To be perfectly honest, we are a different “church” today than we were even 2 years ago. I believe that the Lord has prepared us for “such a time as this.” The Lord continues to bring people here to FBC to grow and to help us accomplish the great commission together.

In everything, let us please remain diligent in doing our part by the way that we speak to one another and the way that we love and accept one another. The Church is a perfect place full of imperfect people. If we will learn to always put others’ needs first, here at Church, then we will become a mighty force to then show that kind of love and compassion to the world that needs Jesus so much.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale