Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church! Our goal in the Christian life is to strive for holiness. The Bible says, “Be holy therefore because I am holy”. Another word that we often use for holiness is the word “Christlikeness”. We are striving to be holy, which means that we are striving to be more like Christ. Striving and desiring to be more like Christ is one of the great joys, and struggles, of the Christian life. It should be our constant and burning desire to be more like Christ in our workplace and in our home and in our relationships. If we do not desire Christlikeness in our words, thoughts, and actions every day, then we should wonder what the Christian life means to us at all.

A good friend sent me this sentence in an email they wrote me the other day. It said, “Sanctification is the process of God moving us from positional holiness to a place of functional holiness that is manifested in us and through us.” That is the journey that we as Christians are supposed to be on.

When we were saved (when we confessed our sin and asked Jesus Christ to be our Lord), we were made “positionally holy.” That simply means that we were “born again.” Jesus said that you must be “born again” and when we were, God made us His children and we are now seen as holy in His sight. That is positional holiness. That is a position of being a child of God and His righteousness is given to us because of the work that Jesus did on the cross and because of His resurrection from the dead.

However, positional holiness isn’t where the work is finished. No, that is where the work is just beginning for the believer in Christ. God made each of us His child when we accepted Jesus, and now it is His desire that we learn to be His children as we walk in this fallen world. That process is how functional holiness begins to transform who we are and how we act.

Unfortunately, too many Christian people rest in the positional holiness when the abundant life comes in the manifestation of functional holiness. That is our GOAL! To be more like Christ. If you are not acting that way or if you have areas in your life that God is convicting you to change, then by all means “let go, and let God.” It is for His glory and for your good.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale