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  • Be sure to bring all your unwrapped gifts that you want wrapped this Sunday as the Puerto Rico Mission’s Team wraps them up for donations right after service!
  • Community Christmas gifts are due back this Sunday.  If you took a tag from the trees please be sure to bring back your gift, wrapped with the tag attached by Sunday.  Thank you!


The Freeman family would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate their wife, mother, daughter and sister Natalie and a life lived well.  We will come together on Thursday, December 22nd at 6:00pm here at FBC and celebrate Natalie Freeman’s life legacy.  We are organizing specific finger foods if you can help provide one please let Kelly know at info@fbcmonroe.org. Thank you!


The weeks leading up to Christmas can feel crazy! That’s why during the month of December, we’re keeping Jesus1stAtFBC. Each Sunday, you’ll receive a reminder that will help you to remember to keep Jesus first throughout the week. We will also have fun activities before and after the service that will help you get connected with your church family. Finally, we have some mid-week surprises that we’ll share online and in your e-mail. It’s all about keeping Jesus1stAtFBC!


“Purse-N-ality” Tuesday!

Ladies please join us on Tuesday evening Dec 13 at 7:00 p.m. for some “Purse-N-ality” and fellowship.

This is so nifty you won’t be able to stop yourself from participating in some way. Dig into the back of your closet and pull out that big purse that you have no idea why you bought it in the first place! It’s in great condition so you hung onto it not knowing why. Well…that time has come and the answer is here!

Fill that purse with items that a homeless woman might be in need of. Clean pair of socks, mittens, soap and a wash cloth, package of gum…whatever comes to your mind. (We have a list of suggestions.) While you’re doing this pray for the lady who will receive it. her a “purse-onal” note and tuck it into the purse. Bring your “Purse-n-ality” Tuesday night Dec 13. Can’t make it Tuesday night? No problemmo! We’ll have a box to collect filled purses if you would like to drop yours off next Sunday (Make sure that you put a note to the recipient and that you pray for her as you fill the purse.) you would like to donate a package of washcloths, socks, a box of granola bars, hand-warmers or whatever. On “Purse-n-ality” Tuesday we’ll pack a few more bags with what is donated.

A majority of the purses will be taken to the hospital. When a homeless woman is treated the staff struggle when they discharge her back out into the cold. How nice it would be to send that lady on her way with a new purse filled with some items of comfort and joy? Orrrr…wait for it!!!…YOU can keep that purse in your car. When you see a lady in need on the street you could “Purse-n-ally” give it to her and maybe share some love while you’re at it. BTW…this may not change her…but IT WILL change you!

We’ll be fellowshipping (which is code for “there will be food!”) So sign up if you will be there so we make sure to have enough deliciousness for all!

Ladies Tuesday night Bible Study Schedule for the next few weeks:

*December 20th– We will not be meeting

*December 27th– We will not be meeting

*January 3rd– We will not be meeting

*January 10th– Bible Study begins again


Our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering on now through Christmas Day!  100% of your donation goes directly to our missionaries on the ground.  Please use the LMCO envelope or mark your check Lottie Moon this Sunday!


Join us on Saturday December 24th at 4:30pm for our annual Christmas Eve Service.  Also, join us on Sunday, December 25th at 10:30am for our Christmas Day celebration service!