Pastor’s Note

Dale SorgenPastor's Notes

Good morning and Welcome to Church! The Lord has been dealing with me on some issues lately and one of the particular things that He has been dealing with me on is the busyness of my days; where my focus lies, how I get through each day, and where my heart and mind is focused. So, I have been in deeper prayer about that trying to figure out what He is trying to teach me.

Through my prayer and “discussion” with the Lord, I don’t feel like He is indicating to me that I am too busy with the things of life and things that each day brings. What I’m saying is that I don’t feel like it is a time management issue. I feel like the Lord is pleased with how I spend my time each day. Even though every day is very full with work and Church and serving my family and others, I feel like the Lord is pleased with that busyness in my life. That’s where I started praying first.

As I continued to pray and talk to my Lord, I also didn’t seem to feel like the busyness of life was keeping me from my Spiritual maturity. In all honesty, my days, like everyone, can get busy, very early, and stay that way all day. But, I feel like I am still able to make time each day to talk to the Lord and grow a little spiritually each day. Some days are better than others, of course. But, I continue to feel that I am growing and maturing each day and each week as a follower of Christ.

Those were the obvious things that I talked with the Lord about because those are the areas of my life that I can observe, somewhat, and measure. But, the wonderful thing that happened was that I was talking to God about the things that I thought were obvious and checking with Him to make sure I was good in those areas, He revealed to me something completely different. (Has God ever done that with you?)

I think what the Lord has been showing me is that He is pleased with how I am doing in those areas, but the concern He has for me is where I am placing my reliance. I am not trying to put my reliance upon myself, but sometimes I think that happens by default as we are working through the busyness of every day. He has been calling me to remember that I need to rely upon Him more. I still need to continue to do the things that I am doing to be a good steward of every day that He gives me, but I need to rely upon Him in every moment so that I can always remember who is “driving this car,” and it’s not supposed to be me!

The Lord reminded me of the Biblical fast. I used to fast weekly when I was a younger Christian. But, life got busier, and I slowly started “learning” to rely upon myself. So, I’m going to start fasting again this week. I don’t know the exact details, yet, but I remember how I used to love it because it drew me so close to God. Maybe you need to do the same? Maybe we all need to work on relying more on God, and less on self.

All for Jesus,

Pastor Dale